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  1. 2015.08.25 Turnigy GTX3 AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System
Turnigy GTX3 AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel Radio System

The much-anticipated and exclusive Turnigy GTX3 AFHDS 2.4ghz 3 Channel radio system is here! This great looking Transmitter uses proven channel hopping technology to provide a solid, reliable link for RC Cars & Boats.

The Turnigy GTX3 features a large Back-lit LCD, A quick access jog wheel for function selection and programming, 10 Model memory, Steering wheel extension as standard, a host of programming features and compatibility with the already proven HK-GT2R 3 Channel receiver. The GTX3 can also connect with the free to download VRC Race Simulator when used with the optional USB cable (not included, see related items below). The combination of great features and solid reliability means the Turnigy GTX3 could very well be the last radio you will ever need!


Channels: 3  

RF Type: 2.4Ghz  AFHDS

Bandwidth: 500Hz 

RF power: less than 20DB 

Sensitivity: 1024 

Low Voltage Warning: Yes (less than 9V) 

Fail Safe: Yes

DSC Port: Yes (3.5mm PPM) 

Charging Port: Yes 

Power: 12V DC (1.5AA x 8) 

Weight: 395g 

CE & FCC certified

3.9" Blue Back-lit LCD

Programing Options:

Model Memory (10 Models)

Servos NOR/REV

Steering Trim

Throttle Trim

Dual Rate

End Point Adjustment

ABS Settings

EXP Settings


Turnigy GTX3 Transmitter

Turnigy GTX3R 3 Channel receiver 

RX Antenna Tube

Bind Plug

User Manual


PRODUCT ID: 9114000003 

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